Border Crossings

A few weeks out of Art College and I was actually dying to get back and actually do things!  At first it was a mixture of confusion and excitment. The brief is all about my identity and culture and that of students in Texas and Ljubljani. After A LOT of time making mind maps I discovered Im quite confused about certain parts of my identity, or you could say it’s quite split.

   I looked into how I was born in Chicago and lived in North Carolina for 5 years, to moving to the smallest village in Scotland ever! Lochfoot, in Dumfries and Galloway. I feel this represents my personality as im quiet and loud, sporty and arty.. basically I’ve always struggled to pick certain things that shaped me. Sports, Art, music of all genres, friends all with such different personalities. My friend Anna put this best with “social chameleon” I quite like that I love the city and country equally and so for this 2 week project im researching my city life and my country life and things that interested me in both. 


angel bear

Before Christmas I was talking to my friend David about what we were getting for Christmas, which led on to how his gran knits bears for children who do not get presents or are in hospital and many other situations. I was really impressed by this way of charity and David told his gran I thought it was a really thoughtful thing to do. To my surprise yesterday David said he had a present for me.. an angelbear knitted by his lovely gran!  Heres the link if you want to know more about this charity 

Where to start..

Just finished trying to squeeze all my presents into my suitcase to get back to Dundee, it took quite a lot of skill to squueze in all the art things I got! 6 pots to keep colour scraps in and dyes, lots of masking tape, white fabric, knitting kit, sewing kit, paints, paintbrushes, sketchbooks, tonnes of felt and so much more stuff! Just incredibly happy that I finally have a massive leaf press so that i dont have to flatten the crazy amounts of leaves I gather up with books!  After a long break of doing absolutely nothing I’m actually looking forward to get back to art college!


After spending crazy amounts of money on paper, magic tape, double sided tape and much more paper, I finally got everything done! never seen my desk so tidy since the first day of term. I do wish I had another week so that I could have put more into presentation but Im just glad I got everything done.. now just to wait till tomorrow for the results!

knitting away..

I wish I had a knitting machine at home because even though I struggled quite a lot, I really enjoy knitting. When I was casting off and the sample just fell off I was close to tears! It was interesting to see how different everyones samples were and how the colours matched well with the work in our sketchbooks. Most of my samples have rough edges because they fell off the machine but the ideas are still there!

layers layers and more layers

After a week of printing and many failed attempts I got some samples I was pretty pleased with. Basically I learnt that the more layers you have in a sample the more effective it looks, the only problem is having to be patient for every layer drying! Here are some of the finished samples..


Best gift ever..


Through my childhood I got so many presents that I said I would never lose and that it was the best present I’ve ever had! But looking back most of them I broke or got bored of too easily. Since I was old enough to eat food I was obsessed with spaghetti hoops and as hard as my mum tried to make me eat vegetables etc all I ever wanted was spaghetti hoops, unfortunately for my mum she couldnt limit me to 2 tins of hoops a week when I moved to Dundee for uni and basically all i ate was spaghetti hoops! Everyone in my halls called me Hoops and whenever I was stressed or upset I always had someone buying me a tin to cheer me up! I started making a tower out of the empty cans and at the end of first semester it was about a hundred, only problem was everyone kept knocking it down when they were drunk..                   My friend Anne got a picture of a spaghetti hoops can and went and got it printed onto a top for me and I love it because it reminds me of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can work. This was the best gift ever because it was a complete surprise and for no other reason than to just do something nice and memorable. I like that its unique and I couldnt just buy one in Primark, unlike all the presents I got that I love from my family I wasn’t like ” please can I get this!” while pointing through everything in a catalogue, it was a surprise and the best gift ever to me, Thanks Anne!

Realising how terrible you are on a sewing machine..

After breaking a needle in the sewing machine I realised this week was going to be pretty hard! I kept to very simply patterns and looked at layering fabrics to elucidate the layers of leaves in my sketches. Next week I will be looking at print and hopefully it will be more successful! Here are a few of my samples..


Prototyping the “Patch Pals” idea really helped visualise what the brand would be like and getting feedback allowed our group to alter parts of the project and gave us ideas for having a website to sell the patches. Having actual characters along with the patches would help children with ADHD to connect with the product and make them more familiar with them. Here are some photos of the Patch Pals and feedback.